Hola! Molo! Hello! Welcome to GerritWeb.

I started GerritWeb while doing an exchange program in Madrid, Spain through my Bachelor’s of Commerce program at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to work in South Africa and am currently completing an Entrepreneurship specialization to cap off my degree…

Here you will find out a little more about what I do including my past hobbies, work experience and a trail of internet content as an ordinary mind navigates the web.

It appears I enjoy leeching and spewing info about a range of genres from mind-wrenching art to scientific innovations and amazing people to spectacles of nature. You may find an underlying theme toward advancing technology, changing biology and all sorts of “mind-gasms” in between – perhaps refer to Our First Post to get started…

I suggest you refer to Here’s A Beat for some background music, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy what I hope is a flurry of brain stimulation.

Gerrit van Sittert

Get in contact with me!


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